Alpine View Pet Spa

Established in 1998 Alpine View Pet Spa is a full service spa located just WEST of Strathmore (east of Calgary) and SOUTH of the Trans Canada Highway at the end of Range Road 260.

We are family owned and operated business focused on quality care for dogs.

Our facility has indoor runs, attached to outdoor runs which allow the dogs to go in and out as they please between the hours of 7 A.M. and 9 P.M. Our runs that are suited for extra large breed dogs to medium dogs are 8′ by 6′ and the runs for the medium to extra small dogs are 6′ by 6′. All of the out door runs are covered; protecting the dogs from the elements and the kennel is double fenced for extra protection.

Alpine View features in-floor heating which keeps our boarders warm in the winter and cool in summer. We also have large fenced recreational areas where the dogs get to be dogs for a greater portion of the day. We have implemented a supervised socialization program, in which we specialize each playgroup depending on the dogs needs or social skills, we encourage the dogs (especially single family dogs) to play with the other dogs. That said, if you as an owner do not feel comfortable having your pet play with others, we will play with them on their own.

Each dog is exercised twice a day, within playgroups or alone, their kennels are cleaned out twice a day and they are fed twice a day. We love our boarders so we spend lots of time with each dog while their owners are away.